Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reading Suggestion: a post about How to End (Stepmom) Suffering

I stumbled across a great blog post on Brazen Careerist the other day: How to End Suffering by Tina Su.

She describes how ruminating about her husband’s frustrating ex-wife caused her intense pain. Though Su doesn’t directly discuss being a stepmother, I thought that her discussion translates well to just how strongly negative thoughts about an ex-wife (and bio-mom) can affect a stepmom. She writes:

“My husband Jeremy was married once before. During the early stages of our romantic courtship, he was simultaneously battling the lingering ends of an unsettling divorce . . . As excited as we were for having found each other under extreme circumstances, the pending divorce hovered overhead, and a battle for money and properties continued without an apparent end in sight . . . Here was a man who I loved and adored more than anything else. When I saw that he was being hurt, it hurt me too. The spirit of mother in me, of survival, wanted to protect and fight anyone threatening to hurt my family. I was like a walking cave-woman, minus the animal-skin skirt and wooden club. To say that I was unwell and unbalanced is an understatement.”

Su goes on to discuss how she overcame her persistent negative thoughts and gives some interesting advice about how others can do the same. Read the whole post here.

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