Friday, November 12, 2010

Changing Perspectives

Sometimes I wonder how my husband’s experiences with his stepmom color the way he views my step-mothering. I also wonder if any of his opinions of her have changed after watching me struggle to find my way within the same role.

Interestingly, he was telling me this weekend about how upset he was by something she told him on her and his dad’s wedding day. Apparently she came up to him after the ceremony and said bluntly, “I’m in your family now.”

I’m sure that as a boy, hearing something like that must have sounded pushy and domineering. But to me as a stepmom hearing that same story, it sounds like she was craving reassurance and approval.

I’m curious—did any of you stepmoms out there have stepmothers yourself growing up? Did any of your husbands/partners have stepmoms? If so, how has your stepmom experience affected your views or memories of your stepmothers?

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